At quercus alba we do not limit ourselves to one simple area. Instead, we specialize in window restoration, consulting services, and we enjoy a good challenge. If it's old and built by humans chances are we're interested.
Window Restoration

Windows are an essential feature of a structure, and in older structures they play a major role in building functionality and original design. Unfortunately, owners are often led to believe older windows require replacing... when repair and maintenance are the actual solutions. We can help!

Preservation Consulting

The field of historic preservation is vast. Our historic built environment can require anything from thoughtful design solutions, analysis, identification, business development, museum services, and project review to large scale collaborative coordination, easement development, and project planning or management. 

Other Services

At times, the solution to a problem really is simple. Project assistance usually begins with a response to a question, and that may require determining what questions to ask. We are available at any stage and will work with you to address needs and we are willing to work with a team to achieve success.